Clinic Partnership

Telehealth overflow/after-hours triage services for your existing patients

Convenient accessibility

This is a 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 days a year, novel and innovative telehealth veterinary service that aims to triage client-perceived petrelated emergencies.

You are kept in the loop

A VetTriage session summary is e-mailed to every client, allowing both the client and yourself the opportunity to reference their triage session and to place it in their medical record.

Innovative technology

We utilize proprietary software technology that allows an immediate, on-demand, realtime, digital, two-way, emergency veterinary triage session to a concerned pet owner by a compassionate and experienced doctor of veterinary medicine nationwide.

Extensive support

Should any client or technical-related issues arise, the veterinary medical director is easy to reach and can discuss any triage session in more detail.

The VetTriage Procedure

  2. Client creates an account within seconds
  3. Client pays $50 via PayPal for the triage session regardless of duration
  4. Immediate, real-time video triage session with a DVM occurs
  5. VetTriage triage session summary is e-mailed to the client, outlining the guidance given
  6. The client is made aware of the inherent benefits and limitations of a telehealth service. You and the client both have comfort in knowing that 24-hour expertise is available, and you maintain client loyalty and comfort with you and your practice!

After-Hours, Weekends and Holidays Benefits

Maintain veterinary quality of life

Eliminate the need for an associate veterinarian or licensed veterinary technician to be on-call after-hours and overnights.

Save you money

Eliminate the need for an after-hours answering service, whom often are not medically trained and are frequently a source of frustration for the client.

Cases are triaged for actual emergencies

Triaging the patient allows for deciphering the need for an expensive visit to the emergency veterinary hospital all while insisting that actual emergencies be evaluated immediately.

Your cases stay your cases

A veterinary client/patient relationship is not established; your cases remain yours and are recommended to follow-up with you. VetTriage is a seamless extension of your hospital.

Maintain client loyalty and trust

Instill comfort in your current clientele that a reliable and experienced telehealth service is available during times of limited office hours and for emergency triage during after-hours, overnights, and holidays.

For more information contact our medical director Dr. Shadi Ireifej DVM, DACVS
at (702) 483-8533 or